drivelous: I haven't heard of it. I'm sure it's good. IMO, there's no such thing as useless time coding - esp in the beginning. I even took a PHP class and it was useful in framing my mind. I used to do Marketing for a now-defunct startup here in San Diego. After seeing all the cool things my CTO could do, I quit and started learning full-time in January. Been fun. As for skills, I think I'm getting better. I can read some open source Django code and figure it out. But I guess that's what I'm getting at..

Ah that’s neat. I do some freelance social media sorts of things for local businesses in my area. And some copywriting. A little this and a little that. But I’d like to one day not do the social media/marketing stuff and do more web related things. Maybe even work for a startup like you had .. Time will tell

drivelous: Ahh gotcha. Yeah, if you enrolled for a lot of these courses now, they cost $$$. But I see why: they're just as detailed if not more than classes kids pay tens of thousands for now at university. I do think that, whatever you do, do a basic course in Ruby for ROR or Python for Django. Although these frameworks are pretty magical, you'll still be doing lots of works with lists, dicts, classes, etc.,.

Yeah, I don’t blame them either. 

I’m def going to start a Ruby on Rails course next. I heard one month rails was good. ( Have you heard of it? 

Also, what do you do now with the coding skills you picked up? You mentioned coding for entrepreneurs … do you work for a startup or something?

drivelous: You still have your old login for Udacity 101, right? The one that costs $$$ now? You can still access your old acct. I'm tellin' ya: go through it. Get shit wrong, be confused, and revisit the course material later. EX: I absolutely did not know how to wrap my head around nesting for loops before and now it's just second nature. It's like writing: in first grade, using commas was hopeless for me. And now it's easy. As a self-learner, it's up to you to bridge the gap. I believe in you!

Hi — yes, I do have my login still. I was actually JUST logged it looking at something quickly (somewhat ironically, haven’t on Udacity in awhile.)

Do they all cost money now, or something? 

I actually think I am going to start learning Ruby on Rails soon — that’s what you did, right? I really want to start building web apps. I feel like ROR is the best route to take for that.