uase: I think it's amazing that you're learning to code, what got you interested in learning?

thanks! well … long story short, a lot of different things in my life occurred around the same time that led me to believe it would be a good idea (which it was!).

Over a year ago my dream was to go to grad school for economic development and work in another country — ideally Asia. So, I was living in Thailand working in the field I thought I wanted to pursue. About a month after being where at that job, I started to realize it wasn’t for me.

That same time, I kept reading about the demand for female coders. So I started to dabble on codecademy, udacity, etc. And I really enjoyed it. I realized going to grad school would put me in a ton of debt. And instead I should dedicate myself to learning how to code. So I left my job in Thailand and moved back to the US — and here I am now!

(PS - traveling to East Asia and studying the culture/economy is still a huge passion in my life — I just was in SE Asia from January to April 2014. I have another blog at where I write about travel and Asia.)


wiitns: Not sure if you're on the east coast but pygotham has some great novice talks.

oh neat! i’ll look into it :)